Granby Public Library

297 East State Street
Granby, MA 01033
Phone (413) 467-3320

The Granby Public Library has as its mission, recreation, information and education.

Library Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m

1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Jennifer Crosby - Director
Jeanne Crosby - Cataloger/Circulation Assistant
Janice McArdle - Youth Services Librarian

Directions to the Granby Free Public Library

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Today in Our Libraries:  End the Digital Lockout 

  • 75% of Americans aged 16-29 say free access to computers and Internet is very important for libraries to have.  BUT There are only 6,044 computers with internet access in libraries to serve a Massachusetts population of 6,646,144.  Every 6 minutes a Massachusetts resident sits down at a library computer.
  • 83% of our residents want statewide access to eBooks.  BUT  Due to vendor lending restrictions, residents have limited access to eBooks.  Residents can get print and other materials from libraries across the state. 
  • Making matters worse, some publishers charge libraries 6X more than consumers for the same eBook.  Print and eBooks can be lent the same number of times so why the price disparity? Libraries simply cannot afford a 600% increase in the cost of books.  12 of the top 25 of USA Today's bestsellers are not for sale to our libraries.  
  • eBook demand is up over 5,000%!  In comparison, demand for print went up 12%, video went up 20% and audio went up 2.9%.  
  • How did we get to this point?  Years of underfunding libraries have left them struggling to bring new technology in and into the hands of our residents.  Funding to support library technology is down 56% and State Aid to support local libraries is down 31%. 
  • Increased funding to libraries will break the digital lockout!  

Why is the Library Important to You?

  • More people visit Massachusetts public libraries each year than attend entire seasons of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics combined.  
  • 37% = Reduction in state funding to support libraries since 2001.
  • 85,000 = Number of open hours lost by libraries since 2002. 
  • 58 million = Number of items borrowed by residents last year - about 110 per minute. 
  • 1/10th of 1% = Percentage of the state's budget that goes to support libraries. 
  • $1.05 = State aid funding to libraries per resident.
  • 22,000 = Number of people using their library's internet every day (no including WiFi). 
  • 24/7 = Free access for every resident to the best online information through
  • 14.3 = Items that were delivered by the Massachusetts Library System through Interlibrary Loan last year.
  • In a single year eBook borrowing has more than tripled. 

Statistics from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Legislative Agenda FY2014
Check them out and support your library!